About Aaron Hodson

At age 18, Aaron started his first business in the automotive industry and by 
age 20 had his first million-dollar company. Before he was 30, Aaron owned and 
operated one of the most successful Real Estate brokerages in the country with 
over $800 million in annual sales. In 2007 Aaron sold his business and was head 
hunted to launch a national franchise group globally. After growing the group to over 
1000 offices with 15,000 + people in five countries, Aaron then implemented a 
succession leadership team to take over the reins so he could pursue his Passion to 
help others grow and succeed.

At 42 Aaron is now an International speaker having presented in multiple countries
including New Zealand, Australia, China, South Africa, Indonesia, India and the USA 
Along with his other business interests Aaron sits on the board of multiple companies 
as an adviser on growth, sales,personal and leadership development. Aaron has had an incredibly successful career based on one unique talent, an ability
to understand and lead people. Using smart emotional management, an unwavering
drive to succeed and with a great sense of humor anything is possible if our people
are just shown a better way.

Aaron has been recognized all over the world for his unique talents in mastering the art of human interaction to build clients for life. Our business is not selling products - it is in building relationships with people who want them. The amount of sales we produce is a direct reflection on how you master the first step.

If you want to see REAL RESULTS from your coach, it’s time to start playing a different game.

  • Develop better long term relationships with clients.
  • Be more focused and driven to succeed.
  • Build a business that eliminates your competition.
  • Generate more opportunities to grow your business.
  • Increase your production.
  • Create a business that people want to work with and for.
  • Earn more, be more and live more.

Change Your Life Today!


  • Two words from YOU already changed my life. I’ve got 3x more business in the pipe than all 2015. Thanks for the two words! You rock!

    ~ John Baessier – Hawaii
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    I met Aaron a few years ago when I interviewed him for my radio show and was so impressed with him and his accomplishments that I couldn’t help but want to surround myself with him. As I got to know him over the next couple of years I used him as a sounding board every time I had an idea and every time without fail I learned something from him. Now as my business coach he has had a huge impact on me and my business.

    Aaron is not the typical coach because first of all he has done what he teaches and Second, he tailors everything to my particular needs unlike other coaches that follow the same script that they use on everyone. Finally and most importantly he has helped me organize my business to run more efficiently and be more profitable.

    ~ Dino Katsiametis
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    Aaron is one of the gifted few that I have come across who intuitively understands the unique nuances of his clients and seamlessly navigates their path to success…

    ~ Sally Royer

Are you ready to start playing a different game?